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2009 GMC Sierra

  • 2009 GMC Sierra

    GMC Sierra
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • dtc in system P0300. P0307 cylinder misfire. Spark plug fouled on cylinder 7 see TSB for cylinder 7 fouled and engine running rough. – spark plugs wires recommend – for misfire /maintenance. Preformed repairs to valve cover to update PCV system.
    • Door locks do not work all the time. Depending on price – customer will let us know if he wants us to inspect. Wants first the check engine light inspection and oil leak.
    • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – 1500,V8,Gas
    • Oil leak at several places. – Valve cover, Rear main seal, Engine oil pan, rear main seal leak. Transmission leak at oil cooler line.
    • VALVE COVER GASKET – Remove & Replace – 1500,V8,Gas Both – [Includes: Camshaft Covers on Over Head Cam Engines.]
    • SPARK PLUG WIRE SET – Remove & Replace – 1500,V8,Gas
    • CRANKSHAFT MAIN OIL SEAL – Remove & Replace – 1500,V8,Gas,4WD Rear,w/Skid Plate – [Includes: R&I Transmission Assembly and Flywheel.]
    • Replace Oil Cooler Gasket
    • Replace Oil Pan gasket when performing rear main seal
    • -drain engine oil & refill with replacement of filter.
    • Remove & Replace Ignition coils on dr side bank
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